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We believe that big changes start with small ones. As small as a reusable cup and as big as an eco bag, a glass bottle, a shared trip. As small as the example, that we give to the little ones. These small choices make big changes. We chose to make them by planting trees, because it is one of the best ways to create more sustainable future.


In our world, nature and people come first.

​Our mission is to build a "green" sustainable culture, based on understanding and concern for the planet, nature and other people.

We, GORA, are looking for the best balance between sustainability and accessibility of our products, because we are convinced that sustainable fashion must be affordable, creating a brand that offers first-class quality, followed by environmental responsibility and a vision for the future.

We plant trees, you make the forest!

Planting New Trees
Giving Back
The green magic...

For each product purchased from GORA, the funds necessary for the planting of the respective number of trees indicated under the product are allocated.

The planting of the trees is carried out through the exceptional assistance of our partners from the GORATA.BG Foundation.

We are happy, that in Bulgaria, there are such organizations, that donate their huge contribution to the development of the environment, nature and forests.

The foundation plants over 40 species of coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees in all 268 municipalities in Bulgaria.

In addition to financial support, GORA is also committed to assisting and supporting the physical planting of trees.

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